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The DeTrafford Estates Story

DeTrafford Estates Group is owned and driven by property developer Gary Jackson. Gary’s property development career began in 1984, when he purchased and refurbished his first property with money that he had saved from running his own door-to-door potato round as a teenager. Using the property proceeds, and additional bank funding, Gary funded his first development of six apartments in a Victorian house in 1986. Following this development, he has since successfully developed over 800 properties including land, factories, industrial mills, houses, apartments and a variety of other investments.

The 1991 market crash dramatically impacted the property market. This was a very challenging and steep learning curve, but one that Gary utilised. Since then, he has altered how he finances his investments, and has not relied on banks or other third party funding since.

Gary subsequently rebuilt and grew the business. With this new attitude and approach to business, the company went from strength to strength. The culmination of this growth came at the peak of the property market in 2007. At this stage, the extensive property portfolio had been traded for gross sales of £85m and all existing development companies were closed. With cash in the bank he monitored the property market and waited for the right opportunity to present itself.

This came in 2008 when Gary founded DeTrafford Estates Group, to fill the market void of pioneering concepts for functional and flexible living. At DeTrafford we are dedicated to embedding innovative designs within the everyday necessities of the home. The inspiration drawn from Victorian manor houses, New York’s rooftop living, the townhouses of London, Amsterdam and beyond, is reflected in the uniqueness of our properties. We are equally skilled in providing alternative commercial and entrepreneurial concepts.

DeTrafford was founded with the intention of acquiring strategic locations and sites for redevelopment in readiness for the anticipated emerging market. Since The Group’s foundation, we have successfully completed our Lawnhurst development and have secured a number of sites across the UK, with the potential to develop in excess of 2,000 residential units. We are also in the process of acquiring a series of sites across London, the North West and exploring projects across Europe. All acquisitions have been achieved without third party funding. 

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