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The DeTrafford Brand

DeTrafford Estates Group is a privately owned property development company based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Founded in 2008 by the company director Gary Jackson to fill the market void of pioneering concepts for functional and flexible living. At DeTrafford we are dedicated to integrating innovative design within the everyday necessities of the home. The inspiration, drawn from Victorian manor houses, New York’s rooftop living and the townhouses of London, Amsterdam and beyond, is reflected in the uniqueness of our properties and in our innovative commercial and entrepreneurial concepts.


At DeTrafford, our purpose goes beyond that of conventional property developers; our entrepreneurial vision and passion lies within crafting bespoke sustainable spaces to enhance communities. Our ethical corporate growth and success is founded upon our philosophy of placing the community at the heart of our projects, through providing dynamic and diverse civic spaces. We seek to create uniquely crafted homes and commercial spaces within buildings and areas of great heritage, to craft distinctive living and outdoor spaces that bring the user’s needs and requirements to the forefront of the development.

We strive to work with local trades and consultants, ingraining their local knowledge and expertise within our developments, both contributing to the local economy and the local identity of our builds. Our developments are driven by a small, dedicated and enthusiastic team that ensure our projects, corporate partners and home owners are treated with a personal touch that can be lost within many organisations.


DeTrafford is committed to achieving innovative, efficient and beautiful design solutions. Inherent in this approach is our commitment to sustainability, evident in the priority given to the preservation of historical and culturally unique buildings and sites. We recognize our ecological role as developers and aim to ensure that our buildings and projects have the minimum environmental footprint both within their construction and functionality. Evolving low energy solution creates synergies and the inspiration for pioneering solutions for bespoke, environmentally conscious living.

Financial Leverage 

DeTrafford is growing - our aim is to use the company’s liquid and non-leveraged financial position, together with our longstanding market experience, to aid the property market’s recovery. We are always interested in hearing about any potential properties or sites that would benefit from DeTrafford’s bespoke and unique development style. Please email with any opportunities.