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Land Acquisitions

DeTrafford Estates Group is growing. We are actively sourcing new development and investment opportunities. We are always interested in hearing about potential properties or land for sale that would benefit from DeTrafford’s bespoke and unique development style. We are interested in the outright purchase of property and entering into joint ventures.

If you think that you have something that maybe of interest to DeTrafford please email with any opportunities and we will be happy to discuss this with you. We will review and appraise the feasibility of all development opportunities presented, drawing upon our in-house capabilities and our long-standing network of professionals.

Development Funding

We want to use our liquid and non-leveraged financial position, together with our long-standing market experience to support and grow with the recovering property market in the UK and overseas. 

As a result of DeTrafford’s liquid non-leveraged financial position and organisational structure we are not reliant upon third party financial assistance, or board/ shareholder permission for the purchase of assets, which speeds up the process tremendously.