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Roof Gardens


Roof Gardens

Roof Gardens - One Ellesmere Street

All apartments and townhouses are now sold in this sought-after development designed for today's city living.  Attractive living spaces and private skyline retreats have proved a compelling combination for discerning homebuyers.  We anticipate high demand for our forthcoming developments so, if you would like to find out more or pre-register your interest, please contact us on 0161 639 0055 or email


The Portfolio 

4 Storey, 4 Bedroom Townhouses

3 Storey, 3 Bedroom Townhouses 

4 Storey, 2 Bedroom Townhouses

3 Storey, 2 Bedroom Townhouses

1 Bedroom Apartments

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Roof Gardens 

The Roof Gardens are a pioneering addition and will become the first of its nature within Manchester. Privacy is ensured within each property’s Roof Garden haven, surrounded by a storey high louvred screen, providing each home with an extra storey to enjoy.


The Courtyards

The two internal secluded courtyards lined with trees create a vibrant civic space for the residents and their children to enjoy and provide off-street parking for allocated Townhouses, with 32 of the Townhouses possessing an integral garage.

Available Properties Remaining 

4 Bedroom, 4 Storey Townhouses : ALL UNITS SOLD

3 Bedroom, 4 Storey Townhouses : ALL UNITS SOLD 

2 Bedroom, 4 Storey Townhouses : ALL UNITS SOLD

3 Bedroom, 3 Storey Townhouses : ALL UNITS SOLD

2 Bedroom, 2 Storey Townhouses : ALL UNITS SOLD


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